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Use of Telecommunications Services

By using the PSC assigned to you, you assume full responsibility for charges incurred. You will be held responsible for all calls made with your PSC - so if your PSC card is lost or stolen, or you suspect someone is illicitly using your PSC, you should immediately notify Telecommunications at X.86399 or email to Your PSC will be deactivated and a free replacement provided to you.

Fraud, including but not limited to unauthorized use of a Personal Security Code or credit card to make long-distance calls. Fraud is a criminal offense under federal and state laws and may be punishable as a felony.

Harassment. At Lehigh, harassment is defined as the use of threatening or obscene words or actions that are likely to, or do in fact, cause emotional distress. Harassment via the telephone or voice mail systems will result in the disconnection of your PSC and voice mail; the abuser will be refused future service and will be subject to legal and University disciplinary action.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are being harassed via the telephone or voice mail, please contact the University Police at X.84200; they will contact Telecommunications. Telecommunications, with the University Police, will take the necessary steps to investigate the situation and report all findings to the University Police.

False billing adjustment claims. If you report calls as incorrectly billed, Telecommunications will investigate (primarily to ensure that no one else is attempting fraudulent use of your PSC). If investigation reveals that you did in fact make the call(s) and knowingly made a false claim for billing adjustment, your service will be disconnected and you will be subject to University disciplinary action.

Payment for Services

Non-payment of the Bursar bill on which telephone charges appear each month. The Bursar will inform us when your account is delinquent and all University Services, including long distance, will be discontinued.


Please notify Telecommunications at X.86399 or email to if:

  • Your university or permanent address has changed
  • You move to another room on campus (Telecommunications can move your voice mail to your new number)
  • You leave the University (other than graduation) so that your voice mail and long distance services can be discontinued.

Thank You


For additional help, please contact Telecommunications at 610-758-5300 or