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Software Distribution

LTS manages and distributes university-owned software to the campus community via several channels:

  • Virtualized Software (LUapps) -- most widely accessible on the widest array of devices. Various academic applications are available - please refer to the following LUapps software list list to see if it is already available
  • LTS Classrooms & and Public Sites -- standardized software loads contain numerous applications pre-installed for most classrooms and sites. CAD sites contain additional software.
  • Software Download Links at Lehigh University Install Software -- these include vendor media files and scripted installers
  • High Performance Computing Clusters -- ( This link is only accessible on campus or via VPN
  • Departmental Classrooms and Laboratory Systems
  • Interactive Web Servers -- locally and remotely hosted systems such as Banner, Confluence, Ensemble, Panopto
  • Branded Apps on Major Platform Suppliers -- HawkWatch and Lehigh Live on Google Play and Apple App Store

LTS maintains the licensing and payments for that software, and arranges for distribution as practical and appropriate. In order to allocate funds responsibly, facilitate distribution via appropriate channels, as well as to verify correct operation of the software, LTS must maintain communication with the users of the software, which begins with a software request.

Software Acquisition and Requests

Requests for purchases of new software or distribution of software via a particular channel require a Software Acquisition Request to be completed by a faculty or staff member.

Before requesting software for LUapps requests, please refer to the LUapps software list to see if it is available

Technical Questions relating to a specific piece of software already licensed by Lehigh, please refer to the Consultant Software Specialties List that includes LTS support consultants who are more knowledgeable with a specific software package

Questions can be directed to the Assistant Director for Computing and Distributed Support Services (Gale Fritsche).


For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or