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Committee Charge:  Establish guidelines and processes for purchasing and evaluating software requests, discontinuing underutilized software and determining the best method for distributing software and reviewing software licenses. 
The LTS Software Committee schedules monthly meetings to review progress on planning goals, evaluate software usage data, review software renewals as well as the following:
  • The acquisition of new software and the review of new software requests
  • Evaluate adequacy of current software licensing arrangements, and explore improvements
  • Explore possibilities for discontinuing underutilized software (Discontinuing software titles based on usage, demand or cost. May investigate cost sharing with departments if software is still in demand)
  • Renewal of software contracts and/or a recommended change in a software license (such as an increase or decrease in license counts).  
  • Review software contract changes and the impact on the distribution of software.
  • Review software distribution mechanisms to ensure compliance while attempting to meet changing user requirements and needs
  • The distribution and availability of stand alone software packages (maintenance of Lehigh University Install Software (
  • Software requests (approvals) for installation in the Citrix environment (The Assistant Directors of Computing and CITL will make decisions on these - although everyone on the committee should be notified)
Members: Gale Fritsche (Chair), Ilena Key, John Troiano, Amanda Caton, Jane Nigrelli, Mark Scott, Stacey Kimmel, 
Pam Steigerwalt, Bill Bettermann, Brian Simboli, Phil Hewitt, Alex Pacheco, Kurt Weber, Jim Monek

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or