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Searching in Gmail is similar to searching in the Google search engine. Google provides a search entry box at the top of the screen. To search, just enter keywords in the box and click on the magnifying glass icon mag.png. For more complex searching, a dropdown menu with an easy-to-fill-out search form is also available -- just click the down arrow button on the right of the search box.

The resulting menu is below:

You can fill out this menu to limit by sender, subject, date, file size, presence of an attachment, and other criteria.

Google has many search features to allow you to hone in on email you need. Take a look at the advanced operators for a full list of search options. A few highlights are noted below:

  • Use the hyphen (-) to exclude words (e.g., surfing -web -internet)
  • Use label: to specify a label or folder (e.g., label:pending answer)
  • Use quotes to search a phrase (e.g., “windows 8”)
  • Use in: to specify mail location (e.g., in:trash, in:inbox, in:spam)
  • Use is to capture mail statuses (e.g., is:starred, is: unread, is:read)
  • Use cc: or bcc: to search for messages with copies/blind copies (e.g.,

For more operators, see Google’s Advanced Search Operators.

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