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Recent issues with cloud services:

  • Online storage repository hacked and information posted to Internet.
  • Target was mainly high profile celebs
  • Vulnerability in “FindMyiPhone” App
  • Update your mobile devices.
  • Utilize whenever possible Apple Two-step Authentication.
Snapchat - the "Snappening"

What you should do:

Manage your passwords
  • Use long, strong, and unique passwords for each account. Use a mix of upper and lowercase letters, and numbers, and symbols
  • Select a reputable password management tool to keep track of your passwords
  • If there is a concern of compromise, immediately change your password
  • Don't use links in messages to take you to login sites
  • Use two-factor authentication when available
Consider the data you store
  • Is it sensitive?
  • Is it backed up?
  • What are the ramifications if your data is lost, stolen or

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