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Library and Technology Services (LTS), funds the printer lifecycle as well as most printer supplies primarily in support of the academic program. All users of LTS computing facilities should try to be considerate of others users that need access to shared resources such as a printer. You must not do anything which is wasteful, places hardware or networks out of service or which unfairly monopolizes resources to the exclusion of others.

The public computing site and classroom printers support the students, faculty and occasionally staff that use the resources in these rooms. These printers are not for general administrative or departmental use. LTS is grateful to our departmental contacts that assist LTS by keeping printer supplies replenished at computing sites, monitoring supplies inventory, placing supplies orders, and assisting with the cartridge recycle program to keep costs down. Printer usage policies are in place for the consideration of all users of the computing site:

  • The printer is to be used for ORIGINAL copy ONLY. Printing multiple copies of any documents, including resumes, theses, and dissertations is NOT permitted. Please print a master copy, and then use a copying machine. Printing resources are expensive; please be conservative.
  • Printing large documents (>50 pages) or documents which take an extremely long time to print is NOT permitted. Print large or time-consuming documents at the EWFM Computing Center Central Site printers, preferably during off-peak hours.
  • Don't print advertisements or junk documents. Don't print online manuals - read the sections required on-line.
  • Personal use and recreational use, including uses for financial gain, is strictly FORBIDDEN.
  • The only paper and toner cartridge that should be used in the printer are the supplies provided.
  • NO Transparencies or labels. It delays print queue services for others. Using the wrong type causes it to melt on the laser heat fuser ($400 repair) and places the printer out of service for several days while parts are obtained and repairs scheduled.
  • Toner cartridges are RECYCLED to save money. Please return all parts to the box when changing toner cartridges otherwise the cartridge can not be recycled.
  • Output that is not picked up that day may be discarded.

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or