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Lehigh University Technology Management Group (TMS) maintains public computing labs and classrooms for use by Lehigh's faculty, staff and students. There exists a unity in how services are delivered and maintained allowing users to use any site and see a reasonably common infrastructure. Most sites are supported in conjunction with a department that has integrated computing into the curriculum and requires local computing resources. The department has priority on scheduling classes and has active input in how the resources will be maintained. These semi-public sites are available to others when classes are not in session. In return for sharing the facility, TMS will be responsible for providing and maintaining hardware, software and networking which is common to other sites. However, department support is required for discipline-specific software and for day-to-day operating requirements. A complete list of computing sites and classrooms (on-campus or VPN access required.

Food is not permitted at computing sites; beverages may be consumed if they are in a closed spill-proof container such as pull-top plastic bottle, travel mug, or screw top containers. Details on LTS's food and drink policy. More detailed site guidelines and policies are listed below which identify the extent of services LTS can provide given the existing resources and the support expected from departments. As department requirements exceed these guidelines, further discussions need to be held to develop a plan to meet the department's needs.

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or