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Each phone on campus is connected back to its own "port" on the system. With the telephone system upgrade in May 2002, the university funded 5% expansion capacity beyond what was required at that time. Since 2002, system port usage has grown by 10%. The required extra capacity has been funded primarily by LTS.

To better support future system expansion, effective July 1, 2006, LTS will implement a one-time installation charge of $100 for new telephone ports. This charge is similar to the charge instituted in 2004 for new network ports. If you choose to reuse an existing port, you will NOT be charged.

This new charge will not fully cover the cost of a new voice port, but LTS will continue to fund the difference. The exception to this rule is our preexisting arrangement with Facilities Services for system expansion in large renovation projects. In that case, the full cost of each phone port is funded by the project. This arrangement will continue to occur separately from this charge.

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