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There are several different settings and options you can configure to meet your needs within your Microsoft Office 365 account.

Office 365 Settings

To see your Office 365 settings, at the top of the page in Office 365, click the gear icon ZA102890282.PNG then Office 365 settings from the dropdown menu.


You will be shown your Office 365 settings page which allows you access and configure various parts of your 365 account:

  • Me
    On this tab you will see select information about your personal profile.
  • Software
    This tab allows you to install and manage Office 365 software currently available to you.
  • Theme
    Here you can change the visual theme and colors of your Lehigh Office 365 account.
  • Start Page
    Change what page you see when you first sign into your account. You can choose your Office 365 home page, One Drive, Newsfeed, or Sites.
  • Password
    This tab allows you to change your Office 365 password.
  • Language
    This tab lets you select what language your Microsoft Online Services appear in.

My Settings

To access this page, look for your name in the top right corner of your Office 365 portal and click the dropdown arrow to find My Settings.

You will see a page with your user information. Here you can customize your personal settings to some extent.


  • Edit Item
    Only allows you to add attachments to your profile at this time.
  • My Language and Region
    Not currently available at this time.
  • Add Alerts
    Lets you create alerts to notify you when changes have been made to specific shared documents in your library.

Site Settings

If you choose to use Sites in Lehigh Office 365, the Site Settings menu offers a wide variety of options for customizing the look and feel of either your public or team site. To access Site Settings, click the gear icon ZA102890282.PNG then Site settings from the dropdown menu.


From this page, you can configure options under Users and Permissions, Web Designer Galleries, Site Administration, Search, Look and Feel, Site Actions, and Site Collection Administration. For specific questions about customization options in Sites, contact your Computing Consultant or the Help Desk.


For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or

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