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What is this for?

Getting to a particular web page can sometimes be tricky. When you search for the page, finding the right term can be non-trivial, and the page you want may be buried in an avalanche of search results for similar pages. Or you may remember how to get to where you want to go, but it takes you a dozen clicks to get there. It can be easier just to type in the web address of the page. Except that web addresses (URLs) can often get very long and unwieldy, so remembering the correct address, or just typing it, can get to be a pain. A URL shortener (also called a redirection service) can solve that, by converting a long, complex URL into one that's easy to remember and easy to type. You may be familiar with some commercial redirection services, such as,, or Lehigh now has its own convenient URL shortening service, called Let's Go.

How do I use it?

Simply go to the Let's Go page ( and click on the Let's Go button. You'll need to log in to use the service. The form on the following page needs just three pieces of information:

  • What is the short name that you want to use? (This is what people will type after "" to get to the page.)
  • What is the original web address for the page? (This is the long, ugly URL you don't want people to have to type.)
  • How long do you want the short URL to last? (The limit is one year, but it's renewable.)

Then just click on the button that says "Add Redirect". That's it.

As an example, this page, whose normal web address is "", can be reached simply by typing in "" (much easier, no?). Once you have created a short URL, the "Manage your existing redirects" link on the Let's Go page will take you to a page that lists all of the short URLs that belong to you. You can edit or delete them there.

Please note: You must authenticate with your Lehigh username to use this service. Redirects to non-Lehigh URLs are restricted to contracted or administered University cloud services. Requests for non-Lehigh URLs will be reviewed prior to activation. We reserve the right to moderate requests. Concerns about the use of keywords or domain names will be mediated as the need arises.


For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or