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Getting Started

Lehigh is pleased to introduce the first phase of the parent portal to parents of First Year Students. As the parent of a Lehigh First Year Student, you can open a parent portal account which provides you with access to news and events of interest to Lehigh parents. If your son or daughter authorizes your access, you can view their secure information such as financial and student records, class schedules, grades, in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the E-signature Act of 2004. Lehigh has sent a letter to parents of first year students who could be identified --that is, parents who are named in the child's admissions application--with information about this service. If you did not receive this information, contact the Registrar's Office at 610.758.3200.

The letter from the Registrar's Office contains everything you need to get set up on the portal. This guide provides additional information about opening your computer account and setting up your credentials to use the portal. If you have problems or questions about the parent portal, you can also check out our Troubleshooting section.

What's the LIN and PIN?

Lehigh Identification Number (LIN) and PIN: The nine digit Lehigh identification number (LIN) begins with an "8" and functions as a unique ID (like the social security number) to confirm your identity. The LIN does not change. The PIN is a six digit combination of letters and numbers that is paired with the LIN. You use the LIN and PIN to open your Lehigh parent portal account. After your account is open you will seldom need to use your LIN/PIN. However, it is a good idea to retain the LIN/PIN in a secure place.

What's the username and password?

Username: The six character username (e.g., xyz123) is used to log into the parent portal. It is paired with a password that you assign and is different from the PIN (above). The username is usually six characters long, e.g., sek278, but some alumni may have a four character username.

Password: The password is different from the PIN (described above). When you open your account, you create a password. Passwords must follow certain rules (e.g., they must be between six and fifteen characters long). You are required to change your password every six months.

Before You Begin:

You will need:


  • Your Lehigh ID number (LIN) and PIN.
  • A computer with Internet access and a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Note: Browsers provided by some Internet Service Providers (e.g., AOL or Yahoo) may not work.
  • About 10 minutes of uninterrupted time. Try not to abandon or interrupt the account creation process once you start.

    Open Your Account

    1) Go to the "Open Account" web page: You will see the screen shown below (screen 1). Enter your LIN and PIN. The PIN must be entered in ALL CAPS.  Press the left-hand [I agree to the terms] button when finished.
    Account Open page
    Screen 1

    2) At the next screen (Screen 2), set your security questions, following the instructions on the page. Type your answers carefully and remember them exactly. For example, if you type the answer “Chicago”, the system will accept “Chicago” or “chicago” as a correct answer but not “Chicago IL” or Chicago, Illinois”.  Click the left button to continue.


    3 Questions page
    Screen 2


    3) At screen 3 (below), set a new PIN. The PIN is always paired with the LIN. NOTE: You will not use your LIN/PIN to access the portal. Click the left button to continue.

    Select PIN page
    Screen 3

    4) Select a password for your account in screen 4, and click on the left button. You will use the password to log into the portal, along with a username that you’ll be provided at the end of this process.  Note that the password is case sensitive.

    Confirm PIN page
    Screen 4


    5) At the next screen (shown below, Screen 5), the system will process your information. DO NOT CLOSE THE PAGE until the process is complete. When the process is finished, your username will be displayed.

    Account Update Confirmation page
    Screen 5


    You’re done!


    You're Ready to Log In!

    Click on the “Campus Portal” link ( to log in. You will use your USERNAME and PASSWORD to log into the portal. Keep your LIN and PIN in case you need them later (these credentials are used occasionally for administrative purposes).



    My LIN and PIN do not work.

    • Make sure you are entering your PIN in upper case.
    • If you are connecting to the Internet from your workplace, you may be behind a firewall that is preventing access to this system. IF the browser error message indicates access is “forbidden” may be the case. It is not unusual for this to happen at schools and financial institutions because of strict incompatible firewalls. Try it from home or talk to your systems administrator.
    • Are you using a browser provided by your ISP (e.g., Yahoo or AOL). If so, try the Internet Explorer browser provided by Windows or use the Mozilla/Firefox browser.
    • Have you attempted to open your account already? If so your PIN may have changed. Try going to to reset your PIN using the security questions you have established.

    I tried too many times to log into the portal. I’m locked out!
    System lockouts are temporary. Wait about ten minutes to try again.

    My password does not work.
    Open the web page and enter your username. You’ll be prompted to answer the three security questions that you set. Once you correctly answer these questions, you can reset your password.

    The system is not accepting my PIN/security questions/password.
    Make sure you read the criteria for each credential (each has specifications for number of characters, etc.)

    The system does not accept my security questions when I try to reset my password or PIN.
    The answers to your security questions can be upper or lower case, and spaces and special characters such as dashes are ignored. HOWEVER, your answer must be character-for-character identical to what you originally typed. If you typed “daisy” for your original answer, the system will not accept “daisies.” If you cannot answer one of your questions, contact the Registrar’s office for assistance.


    For More Information...


    Please refer to the Parent Portal FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions.

    For general questions, contact the Registrar's Office at 610.758.3200 or For technical questions, contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-HELP (4357) or email


For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or