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1.0 Purpose

Library and Technology Services (LTS) provides computing support and training for faculty, staff, and students. The LTS Help Desk and computing consultants provide support and training on the effective and efficient use of desktop and laptop computers, phones and mobile devices, network connectivity, peripherals, software, and operating systems and Lehigh owned software applications. This policy provides guidelines, parameters, and information for users who request or obtain computing support services from Library and Technology Services.

This policy is intended to:

  • Outline the proper workflow for faculty, staff, and students requesting support services
  • Define the parameters for the support of obsolete hardware, operating systems, applications, and peripherals
  • Provide standards for the support of obsolete or non Lehigh standard applications
  • Define limitations for computing support requests (no travel to homes, no moving of offices computers, etc.)
  • Define the parameters for synchronous and asynchronous training of standard Lehigh applications and custom software requests.

2.0 Audience & Scope

This policy applies to all the faculty, staff, students and all other affiliated parties who request computing support services through Library and Technology Services. This applies to services requested through the LTS Help Desk, computing consultants, librarians, instructional technologists, or other LTS staff. Library and Technology Services provides the university community with computing support services to support instruction and academics, research, community outreach, athletics, and university administration.

3.0 Policy

Library and Technology Services seeks to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its computing support operation. All Lehigh University faculty and staff and affiliates should follow the guidelines below when seeking computing support services.

3.1  Requesting Computing Support Services

To request technical help from LTS, please enter a request at or for immediate assistance please contact the LTS Help Desk.

  • Tier 1 -  The LTS Help Desk has consultants who can address a broad range of computing, networking, and technology issues, including some tier 2 (specialized) assistance. Issues will be escalated to other support areas when necessary.
  • Tier 2 - Departmental Computing Consultants offer in-depth, specialized assistance, including consultation, training, and desk-side support. 
  • Classroom and LTS computing site support may be requested at by selecting “Classroom Technology Help.”  

The LTS Help Desk is staffed with consultants during regular business hours and also evenings and weekends (see link for details): Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to contact the Help Desk as the first contact for questions regarding a computing problem.

3.2 Hardware, Operating, and Software Support Standards

Up to date computing hardware, peripherals, and software are critical to the productivity of faculty, staff, and students. 

3.2.1  Support for outdated hardware (see section 3.4 - computing support parameters) and software is hindered by compatibility and system performance issues. 

3.2.2  LTS will support two versions of licensed software so long as there are no security vulnerabilities in older versions of software.

3.2.3  LTS follows the support of old Operating Systems per manufacturer support and recommendations. If patches and security updates are no longer provided, LTS no longer supports those versions. 

3.3 Standards and Support for Lehigh-owned devices

LTS strives to create and maintain an efficient, effective, and safe computing environment. In order to do this, the University must standardize the use of various enterprise software, platforms, and systems.

3.4 Computing Support Parameters

To protect the university and the LTS staff member performing the computing support work, staff are unable to: 

  • Travel to private residences to perform work
  • Move desktop computers, monitors, and peripherals from one location to another (facilities services can perform these duties)

In order to support the greatest number of clients in the most efficient manner possible, LTS Client Services provides support services for hardware meeting the following age criteria:

Device Type Recommended Replacement Interval Maximum Supported Age Notes
Desktop Computers Every 4 years 6 Years (72 Months)  
Laptop Computers (includes docking stations) Every 4 years 5 Years (60 Months)  
Classroom and Instructional Lab/Studio Computers (imaged by LTS) Every 4 years 4 Years (48 Months)  
Monitors Every 4 years 6 Years (72 Months)  
Peripheral Devices (printers, scanners, etc.) Every 6 years 6 Years (72 Months)  
Smartphones & Tablets Every 3 years 4 Years (48 Months)  

3.5 Application Training Seminars and Requests

Library and Technology Services offers regular training sessions for a variety of standard and cloud based software applications. These seminars are free for the campus community and can be accessed online or in the classroom environment. Registration is required for regular training session. Specialized custom software training for groups/departments is available. This can be arranged through your departmental computing consultant.  

  • Synchronous and asynchronous training of standard Lehigh applications.  Training will be offered live via an online meeting/collaboration tool at specific times. These training sessions will be recorded and made available on the LTS webpages for a period of 3 months.

4.0 Exceptions

Exceptions to the Standard Support Period

While this policy is intended as a general one for all Lehigh-owned systems, LTS is aware that use cases for computing systems vary greatly, and in furtherance of the University mission, some systems need to be maintained beyond a single generalized standard period.

In order to make the best use of LTS staff resources, systems older than the standard support period should be brought to the attention of the supporting LTS team and the system’s support and maintenance needs documented and understood by all stakeholders. Support team leaders are empowered to make decisions about the dedication of team members’ time and effort toward support of older systems, taking into consideration the impact of the system on Lehigh users, the availability of appropriate support staff, and the practicality of providing ongoing support while maintaining appropriate security for Lehigh information systems.

LTS will consider exceptions to the parameters of this policy, based on the need and in the best interest of the University. Providing the exception request does not jeopardize security of the Universities current network or computing environment. Any exception request should be initially requested through your department computing consultant. 

5.0 Enforcement

The Chief Technology Officer, LTS Managers, and the LTS Help Desk will enforce the policy.

6.0 Definitions

7.0 Reference Documents

Computing Overview -

Help Desk Team -

Computing Support Team -

8.0 Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
LTS Assistant Director for Computing and Distributed Support Services Gale Fritsche 85038
LTS Assistant Director of Student and General Services Stacey Kimmel-Smith 84768
College of Arts and Sciences Team Manager Denise Campion 83985
College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Team Manager Brad Price 84615
College of Business Team Manager Mark Scott 83053
College of Education Manager Denise Campion 83985
College of Health Manager Mark Scott 83053
Endpoint Engineering and Administration Team Manager Steve Lewis 84750



the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or