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How Telephone Billing Works

Inquiries about Billing

Call Telecommunications at x85300.

Your Monthly Telephone Statement

Each month, you will receive a statement listing your telephone calls and associated charges for the previous month. You don't need to do anything with this statement except review it to make sure all the calls are yours! (If they're not, please contact Telecommunications immediately.) Please do not try to remit a payment using this statement; it's not intended to be a bill. Read on...

Paying your Telephone Charges

The total amount of your telephone charges (equivalent to the total on the telephone statement you receive each month) will appear as a line item labeled "Telephone Charges" on your monthly Bursar bill. Please keep in mind, however, that when a payment is made for your "telephone charges," the credit will be applied to your total Bursar account - not necessarily credited to telephone charges specifically.


For additional help, please contact Telecommunications @ X.85300 or email