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Several years ago, Lehigh University started a process of migrating the campus community over to Lehigh Gmail -- a more reliable, user-friendly, secure, and accessible solution to one of the most-used services on campus. Security has been a driving force in this move. Gmail users experience less SPAM, a dramatic reduction in malicious threats received via email, and generally superior monitoring and eradication of messages that could harm your computer and Lehigh’s security.

To take advantage of superior security features as well as Gmail’s user-friendly interface, we will be migrating all retiree, spouse, and affiliate email accounts to Lehigh Gmail on July 10, 2017.

What do I need to do?

For the most part no action is required from you. After the migration you will direct your web browser to to read your email -- all email and folders stored on Lehigh’s servers will be seamlessly moved to your new Gmail service. Any mail stored locally on your hard drive will continue to be available for viewing only (no forwarding or replying) through your mail application, such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, or other third-party email software you may use. 

Due to the large volume of migrations, LTS will be unable to provide individual assistance in the use of Gmail, in setting up mobile devices post-migration, or in migrating contacts. If you require or prefer to have individual assistance, the instructions below can be provided to local tech support firms that you might hire for assistance. The setup required should take less than an hour, but will depend on the number of computers and mobile devices that need to be configured.


After July 10, your Lehigh Gmail account will be ready. To use Lehigh Gmail:

  1. Open any web browser and enter
  2. Click on the Mail icon.
  3. Use your Lehigh credentials to log in.

If you are forwarding your Lehigh mail to another personal account, follow these instructions on logging into Lehigh Gmail and forwarding from that account.

Optional post-migration configuration

Option 1: Copy Contacts from Thunderbird to Gmail

Option 2: Set up any mobile devices to access Lehigh Gmail.

Copy of Email sent to Lehigh retirees and spouses in mid-May


Tutorials on using Gmail