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There are several nice features that integrate Google Calendar and Gmail.

  • There is also a Create Event link in the More... dropdown menu when you view your email.
  • When you create an email group or nickname in your Gmail Contacts, you can use this group when inviting people to an event in Google Calendar.
  • In Gmail Labs you can increase the visibility of your Calendar events with two Lab features: Gentle Reminders and the Calendar Gadget.

Add a meeting to Google Calendar from Gmail
It is possible to add an email event or meeting invitation directly to your Google Calendar. If the body of your email message contains an identifiable date and time, Gmail will display it with a gray underline.

  1. If a date or time is underlined in a message, click the underlined text to add an event to your calendar and preview your schedule. See the illustration below.
  2. Update the title, date, or time, if needed, and click Add to Calendar.
  3. Once added, you can click the event title to see the event in Google Calendar.


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