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Forwarding your phone calls

Forwarding your phone calls from the Cisco Self-Service Portal

1. You can use the Cisco Self-Service User Portal to forward your phone.

2. You may see one of the following security errors, (depending on your browser version). This is normal due to the system not having a valid certificate.

Chrome Web Browser

  • Click on the Advanced tab


  • Click on the proceed to link at the bottom of the second paragraph

  • chrome2.png

    Safari Web Browser

  • Click Show Details

  • safari1.png

  • Click the link at the bottom of the paragraph visit this website.


  • Click visit website again.

  • safari3.png

    ** After completion of the last step in the Safari browser, you may be required to verify the change to your computer settings by typing in your computer password in a pop up screen from Safari.

    Mozilla/Firefox Web Browser

  • Click on Advanced

  • firefox1.png

  • Click Accept the Risk and Continue

  • firefox2.png

    3. Self Care Portal: At the Login Screen of the Self Service Portal, use your Lehigh Credentials to login.


    4. Once logged in, you will be directed to the main page of the Self Care Portal. The My Phones page will display the phone model currently assigned to you.

    my phones.png

    5. Click on Call Forwarding on the left side of the screen.


    6. Click the box next to Forward all calls to: and use the drop down to direct where to forward your calls to. You can select Voicemail or Add a new number.

    select phone or vmail.png

    7. If you are forwarding to voicemail, select Voicemail then click Save. You can then log out and close your browser.


    8. Select Add a new number from the drop down, and then type in the new number starting with a “9”. Click Save once completed. You can then log out and close your browser.


    Special Note: If you have multiple lines displayed on your phone, you can follow the same forwarding procedure for each line that is displayed on your phone.

    Forwarding your phone calls while on-campus

    If you are on campus, you can forward your phone calls using your phone. If you want to forward your phone call, you can forward them to a cell phone, another off-campus landline or your voicemail.

    Press the Forward All softkey.
    • Do one of the following:
    • Enter a phone number (including 9 if an off-campus number) or press the Voicemail button to forward all incoming calls to voice mail
    To verify that your calls are forwarded, look for:
    • A forward-all icon on the line label
    • Forwarding information on the upper left main screen
    To cancel call forwarding, press the Forward Off softkey.

    For more information on softly and features for your phone, refer to the Cisco 7841 Quick Reference Guide and Cisco 8841/8851 Quick Reference Guide

    my phones.png


    For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or