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Student Requirements

  • Students must have a full-time undergraduate status at the time the project is/was completed.
  • The award winner must be willing to contribute the paper/project to the library archive.
  • The award winner must be available to attend a reception in the spring, with the following exceptions:
    • Students who are studying abroad the spring semester that the Prize is awarded.
    • Students who are December graduates in the year prior to the Spring Prize.

    Note: Attending the reception may be waived under certain *extenuating circumstances,* at the discretion of the selection committee.

  • Presidential scholars and fifth year seniors are not eligible for the award.

Project/Paper Requirements

  • The paper or project(s) must be tied to a specific Lehigh credit course or courses.
  • The paper must have a reference list (works cited). Footnotes are not a substitute for the reference list.
  • The project must be completed the year prior to the Prize review. For example, for the 2019 award, the project must have been completed in 2018.
  • At least part of the project must employ scholarly/academic resources available through the Lehigh University Libraries and/or other research centers.
  • The paper or project must be an individual effort (no group projects, no faculty collaborations).
  • Papers and multi-media projects must be complete at the time of submission (no drafts accepted).
  • Research papers/projects should be 10-30 pages not including the bibliography. Editing a paper to shorten it is acceptable.

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