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Dell is currently the most popular PC brand within departments.

Lehigh recommends the purchase of business-grade models for departmental use. Dell Optiplex desktops and Latitude laptops are more thoroughly tested for business use and are best supported by LTS.

Please Contact the Dell Inside Sales Rep Directly (see contact info below) to obtain a Dell Lehigh Premier Page account in order to generate quotes. You'll receive an email from the Premier system with further instructions.

Alternatively, buyers can call 800-274-7799 to speak with a higher ed representative. Please review the Departmental Purchase Procedures on the main page before ordering.

Recommended Warranty

Lehigh recommends a 3 or 4 year on-site warranty. Laptops should be ordered with Dell "Complete Care" accidental damage protection.

Lehigh recommend business-grade computers, which can receive full warranty service through LTS.

Consumer-grade computers (Inspiron, XPS, Studio, etc) can still obtain warranty service at Lehigh, but may only be covered for the cost of parts. Departments will be responsible for labor charges on such repairs. Hardware repair tickets will be submitted and treated like out-of-warranty repairs in the respect that the person requesting the repair will be contacted with an estimate of labor charges associated with anticipated repair(s) and responsible for the initial diagnostic fee (typically equivalent to a half-hour of labor plus tax). The cost of parts will still be covered by the terms of the warranty.

As always, check the Warranties Page for additional information and tips.

Special Lehigh Dell Bundles

Current special recommended system Quotes can be found at

LTS 2017 Site PC Quotes (expired October 2017 - for reference only)

Please use these quotes to buy any new PCs at a significant discount for Lehigh

Lehigh Web Store

Dell Premier Pages

Account Representatives

Dell Account Manager
Grayson Fleetwood
Dell EMC| Inside Sales Rep
Direct: +1- 512-513-9221
Role: Corporate Rep. Call for quotations, orders, and escalations

Field Account Executive
Brendan Moore
Dell EMC | PA Public Accounts
mobile +1 (215) 470-5483
Role: Local rep. Call for on-site discussions and demos


For additional help, please contact The LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or