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  • Messages left in Trash more than 30 days are deleted on a rolling basis.
  • Because Lehigh Gmail is stored on Google servers (not at Lehigh), Lehigh staff cannot restore mail from trash, and Google does not restore mail from Trash.

To delete an email message, you can drag it to Trash by placing the cursor over the message and dragging it to the Trash folder/icon.

To delete many messages at once, place a check in the box next to each of the messages you want to delete, then drag the messages over to trash (all messages highlighted in yellow will be dragged to the trash).

Alternatively, note that the Trash icongoogle_logo_5.jpg displays when a message, or messages, is selected by placing a checkbox to the left of the message(s).

  1. Select the message or messages that you wish to send to trash (click the checkbox to the left of each message).
  2. The Trash icon will appear above the inbox.
  3. Click on the Trash icon.

If you are using the Conversations view in Gmail, the methods described above could delete entire email threads/conversations. In conversation view, you use a different method for deleting an individual message than you would if your inbox is sorted chronologically. Read more...

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or

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