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A common use of the delegation feature is when you monitor a supervisor’s email and/or send email out on his or her behalf. You might also use delegation when you monitor an IN or departmental account. When delegation is set up, the “secondary” account appears in a list of accounts you are logged into when you click on your account icon in the upper right hand corner of the Gmail screen.

In the illustration below, the Library & Technology Services, Lehigh GreenFund, and LTS Help Desk Questions accounts are delegated to Stacey Kimmel-Smith. Stacey can choose one of these accounts from the menu to view messages and respond to them as if she the primary account holder, without needing to know the account passwords. Because the accounts are delegated to Stacey, they appear under her profile view on login. To read about how delegation works, and how you can configure it, go to the Gmail Help documentation on delegating mail .

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