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Configure VPN for Mobile Devices

iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad

For iOS devices, the built in IPSec client is recommended. Go to Settings > General > VPN, then tap on Add VPN Configuration. Tap the IPSec tab at the top, and enter the following:

Description: Lehigh VPN
Account: Your Lehigh Username
Password: Ask Every Time
Use Certificate: Leave off
Group Name: leave blank
Secret: engineers
Tap Save.
To connect to VPN, go to Settings > VPN and slide to the ON position.
When prompted, enter your Lehigh password and tap OK.
Connection is successful if you see VPN icon in the upper left corner of the screen next to your wifi indicator.

To disconnect, go to Settings and slide VPN to the OFF position.

Android Devices

Note: These are unofficial instructions for configuring VPN settings for devices running Android. This documentation is unofficial due to the diversity of Android versions running on various different devices and device models. Some of the menus, features, and settings may appear differently on different devices. There is no guarantee that your device will connect the same way or connect to VPN at all.

Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks.
Tap More.
Tap VPN.
If prompted to set a lock screen PIN or password, you must do so.
On the VPN screen, tap "+" in the upper right corner to add a VPN profile.

VPN Name: Lehigh VPN
Type: L2TP/IPSec PSK
Server address:
L2TP secret: (not used)
IPSec identifier: (not used)
IPSec pre-shared key: engineers

Tap Save.
To connect to VPN, tap on Lehigh VPN.
Enter your Lehigh username and password.
Tap Connect.
Connection is successful if you see a key icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

To disconnect VPN, Go to Settings > Wireless and Networks.
Tap More.
Tap VPN. Tap Lehigh VPN, then tap Disconnect.

Windows Mobile

For Windows mobile an SSL VPN client is available which will be downloaded when you connect to the VPN device using Pocket Internet Explorer. You will need Windows Mobile 5 or greater.
Other Mobile Platforms

For other devices with a built-in IPSec client, use the same settings as noted above. If your device does not have a built in IPSec client, the other option is to use L2TP. The server and secret settings are the same as the IPSec settings. If there is a RSA Secure ID option make sure it is turned off.

For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or