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Computer Disposal Procedures for University-owned Equipment

The following procedures are to be followed for the sale, transfer, or disposal of University-owned computer equipment:

  1. For equipment purchased with Sponsored Research Grant Funds, seek permission from Office of Research & Sponsored Programs officer before initiating disposal.
  2. In all circumstances, you are required to completely erase all computer hard disk drives by using a LTS-provided erasure tool.
  3. Computers that are less than 6 years old should be made available for other departments to use via Asa's Attic for at least 5 days before sale or disposal by other means. Asa's Attic is administered by Purchasing Services.
  4. If you sell the equipment to another University department, use a Budget/Expense Reallocation Form to transfer the appropriate funds.
  5. If you sell the equipment to an individual or off-campus entity, use an Equipment Sales Agreement to properly record the sale terms and conditions.
  6. If you give away / donate the equipment, use an Equipment Transfer Agreement to properly record the transfer terms and conditions.
  7. Lehigh University holds an eWaste recycling event every Fall semester. Facilities Services will provide on-site door-to-door pickup of unwanted computers and related equipment. See the eWaste Collection Website for additional details.
  • These procedures were jointly developed and affirmed by Library & Technology Services, Facilities Services, and Purchasing Services. Questions should be directed to Richard Benner and Steve Lewis.

    For additional help, please contact the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 or