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Bringing Your Own Phone

One telephone line is provided for each room; students sharing a room are expected to share the line. Students wanting telephone service in their room(s) are expected to provide their own standard analog telephone. Lehigh University does provide hallway courtesy phones on which students can receive calls as well as make on campus, local and long distance calls (with a Personal Security Code), calls to University Police and 911 in an emergency.

To verify your telephone number, from your personal telephone, follow the instructions for getting dial tone by consulting the manufacturer's instruction booklet that came with your phone; then press # * 1 1 3; the system will announce your 5 digit- (4XXXX) telephone number)

Please note that Lehigh cannot guarantee all student-provided phones will work on our network. Cordless phones in particular are susceptible to interference from other cordless phones nearby.

If your personal phone does not work, Technology Management has prepared a diagnosis checklist to help you identify the problem. Lehigh will only provide support for problems with your telephone line or jack. Please DO NOT call Residential Services or TLINE to report equipment problems with your personal telephone. Be aware that you will be charged a service fee if a technician is dispatched to your room and discovers that the phone line is working fine .

NOTE: There are no charges for repair calls that are due to normal wear and tear to your telephone jack or a problem with your telephone line. However, vandalized telephone lines/jacks will be charged directly to students through Residential Services.


For additional help, please contact Telecommunications at 610-758-5300 or