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At the end of calendar year 2018, Lehigh’s vendor for the university’s Banner applications, Ellucian, will cease support for Banner 8 forms, also known as Internet Native Banner. Banner 8 forms will be replaced by Banner 9 pages, which have been in use by many campus departments for the past year.

Effective November 5, 2018, Banner 8 forms will no longer be available for general use and only Banner 9 pages will be available. This date was agreed upon by our Banner data stewards to ensure overall campus wide use of Banner 9.

Banner 9 introduces improved functionality, provides new tools and modules, and enhances the user experience.

The documentation below describes the changes in the interface, mainly navigation and searching.
Banner 9 is accessed via Banner application navigator found on the Banner links page.
Ellucian recommends Chrome as the preferred browser for Banner 9.

Log on to Banner 9 using your username and Lehigh email password, not your Banner password.

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