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LTS offers the following options for event recording or live-streaming:

1) For do-it-yourself recording and editing, contact Instructional Media Services at 8-3057. You can borrow recording equipment (camera, microphone, and tripod) and access our production and editing equipment. We can also assist you with editing and preparing your recordings for streaming, downloading or distribution on DVD. Our Digital Media Lab has a 19 station edit lab where you can edit your recordings. Tutorials are available. Event recording equipment is circulated out of the Digital Media Studio, EWFM room 421 accessible via the east-west breezeway south of the main library entrance. Call 8-3057 for information or to reserve equipment. There is no charge and our staff will show you how to use the equipment. Please contact: or the Digital Media Studio front desk at 8x3057. Staff contacts: Steve Lichak (8x5023), Jarret Brown (8x3059), or Allen Kingsbury (8x3058).

2) Another alternative is to hire a student worker from the Digital Media Studio to record your event for an hourly fee ($25). Staff can notify students of the opportunity and the department/requester will be responsible for paying the student directly. The Digital Media Studio charges a $25 flat fee for downloading media and uploading an access copy to Lehigh’s streaming service. Requester is responsible for long-term storage of digital masters. There are additional charges for professional editing services. Please complete help request.

See our Event, Studio Recording and Editing Fees for additional information and examples. Please contact: or the Digital Media Studio front desk at 8x3057. Staff contact: Steve Lichak (8x5023)

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3) The Office of Distance Education also does filming and editing for classroom events. Professional quality recordings of classes and events can be made in many DE-equipped rooms. Distance Ed is also capable of doing live streaming. Recordings of classes/events are captured using the Lehigh-licensed Panopto system, or to Blu-ray, DVD and digital videotape recorders. DE can provide mobile video recording and professional editing services for special programs and events held in non-DE locations; these include support for documentaries, interviews, etc. for the creative Lehigh community when called upon. There is a cost associated with these services. Contact the Office of Distance Education (8-4372) for more information and costs for recording and editing services. For some events we may refer you to outside service providers. Click here for Distance Education Service Rates.

If you would like onsite support by staff, please complete a help request . The charge for this service is $65/hour. Note that there is no charge if you only need our staff to show you how to use the equipment or familiarize you with the room's technology, but if you want our staff to set-up, record, and/or monitor your event the charge is $65/hour.

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