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Closed captioning was created for the hearing-impaired community to assist in comprehension. It can also be used as a tool by those learning to read, learning to speak a non-native language, or in an environment where the audio is difficult to hear or is intentionally muted. Captions can also be used by viewers who simply wish to read a transcript along with the program audio.

You can caption your videos and generate transcripts of audio files. Read more about captioning and transcription services offered by LTS. 

Captioning through the Office of Distance Education: The Office of Distance Education may provide this service to meet ADA requirements for any course, program or event that will be viewed by someone with hearing difficulties in accordance with Lehigh’s Office of Disability Services. A “captioner” provides the text of all audio transmissions that is then integrated into DE-produced programming. Contact the Office of Distance Education for more information and costs for DE-provided captioning.

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