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Unified Communications (VoIP)

Lehigh University Unified Communications

Video Conferencing

Videoconferencing requires use of specialized equipment utilizing 2-way IP-supported (web-based) transmissions (video and audio) that generally are of very high quality, to bring people at different sites together at the same time.

Video Editing & Post-Production Services

Library & Technology Services can provide help and assistance with editing video and other post-production services that can enhance your video.

Video Playback and Streaming

Library & Technology Services offers options for providing video content. See below for the options that are available.

Virtual Reality Movies

Library & Technology Services Digital Media Studio can create QuickTime VR (virtual reality) movies (also known as QTVR). QTVR allows the creation and viewing of captured panoramas and exploration through images taken from one or multiple viewing angles.

Virtual Software: LUapps

Virtual software systems, also known as 'application virtualization' technologies, allow users to run numerous programs that aren’t installed on their devices by installing a single piece of client software (Citrix Receiver / Workspace), and using it to connect to a central server on which the pr

Voice Mail

Library & Technology Services provides access to voice mail for faculty, staff, and students.

Web Conferencing

There are several applications available on campus that support web conferencing. Web conferencing refers to a service that allows conferencing events to be shared with remote locations. Most vendors also provide either a recorded copy of an event, or a means for a subscriber to record an event.

Wireless Networks (WiFi)

Library & Technology Services maintains three wireless networks which are available accross the entire campus: 

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program at Lehigh University is committed to promoting a campus-wide culture in which writing and communication in its many forms are central to learning in all disciplines