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DIY Video Recording Studio

The DIY Video Recording Studio is a video recording space, located in EWFM 522A, where an individual can reserve time and create high-quality video recordings by simply bringing a USB flash drive and pressing a button t


The Digital Media Studio maintains an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), most commonly known as a drone. A drone is an aircraft without a human pilot aboard.


Lehigh Computing Accounts include a Lehigh email address (<>).  These accounts are hosted by Google, and enabled as a customized instance of their Google Workspace collection of tools.

Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, the university utilizes the following tools – depending upon the severity of the situation – to communicate with the campus community:

Equipment Borrowing

As part of our mission to support the use of technology in teaching and learning, we have various pieces of equipment for loan. We strongly recommend that you reserve the needed items ahead of time to assure availability.

Event Recording & Support

LTS offers the following options for event recording or live-streaming:

Faculty Development

Faculty development is provided through Lehigh's Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS allows us to view, understand, question, interpret, and visualize data in many ways that reveal relationships, patterns, and trends in the form of maps, globes, reports, and charts.

Google Sites

Google Sites is a code-free tool for easy creation of basic websites.

Information about additional G Suite tools can be found on: Google Workspace - Online Email, Documents and Collaboration.

Google Workspace - Online Email, Documents and Collaboration

By partnering with Google, Lehigh has access to a managed version of their full suite of online productivity applications.  Formerly known as 'Google Apps', the suite includes:

Guest Computing Accounts

Lehigh University affiliates and visitors can obtain a temporary guest computing account which allows access to the Lehigh wireless network and to the public site computers. The account is valid for a period of seven days.

Help Desk

The LTS Help Desk serves as the primary point of contact for Library and Technology Services. The purpose of the Help Desk is to provide the Lehigh community and non-affiliates with timely walkup, phone, email, and online assistance and referral as appropriate.

High Performance Computing (HPC) / Research Computing

Library & Technology Services provides solutions for solving large computational problems to students and faculty of Lehigh University, including system administration for our central Linux clusters and other servers, support for open-source and research software development and performance o

InCommon Account

The InCommon Federation is the U.S. education and research identity federation, providing a common framework for trusted shared management of access to on-line resources.

Instructional Technology Support

The Instructional Technology team supports faculty use of educational technologies and are available for consultation on course design, Course Site development, instructional resource development, and online or hybrid course development.

Lecture Capture

Library & Technology Services (LTS) provides options for the recording and playback of lectures and classroom presentations. Both full and self-service options are available.

Lehigh RoomFinder

The LTS Digital Scholarship department, in cooperation with the Lehigh Facilities department has created a web interface to the floor plans for most buildings on campus.  Lehigh users can log into this system, and find the locations for any numbered space, and share that map link with co-workers

Lehigh User Account Service Page

Lehigh user account details can be looked up and, to some extent, customized, on a service page maintained by LTS.  Use this page to set your correct contact information, and how you'd like your name to appear, etc.  LTS Staff can use these pages to determine the home department of a user, their

Library & Computing Policies

Library & Technology Services policies cover the appropriate use of library, computing, networking, and telecommunications resources at Lehigh University.

Library Research and Instruction

Lehigh's librarians offer a variety of research and instruction services for faculty and students to expand their knowledge of information resources and how to utilize them effectively. See the link below for more information on requesting assistance.

Library Research Guides

The Lehigh Library staff provides numerous procedural assistance documents for library tasks called "LibGuides".  Consulting these can often provide valuable starting points for working with library resources of many types.


The Lightboard is a glass "chalkboard" pumped full of light. It is available for creating forward-facing presentations with the ability to write on the glass in front of you. The writing appears to "glow" to the viewer.