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Preparing for Remote Learning: Ten Crucial Steps for Lehigh Students 

[updated 7/27/20]

For Fall 2020, some Lehigh courses will be fully Remote and others will be Hybrid. Students in both course types should be prepared for Remote Learning. This guide is offered to help you get ready.

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If you need technical support or help with anything covered in this guide, contact the LTS Help Desk.
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  1. Prepare your technology for remote online learning

Determine what computer you will use, find a way to access the internet, and make sure you are ready to connect to Course Site. You may be able to complete some course work and participate in some course activities using a mobile phone that can access the internet. If you are unable to do these things, or if you have any course-related difficulties or questions, inform your instructor right away.

Contact the LTS Help Desk with technology-related or access issues.  Any student with concerns about necessary technology resources to work remotely can use the Emergency Aid form to request support. 

  1. Communicate with Faculty

Communication with your instructor is essential in an online learning environment. Visit Course Site regularly to stay aware of new material, activities, and assignments. Your professors will communicate with you through the Course Site Announcement forum and Lehigh email. Make sure your instructor knows if you are taking the course remotely or on-campus.

  1. Keep track of course assignments, due dates, instructor expectations

The key to success in an online course is no different than in a face-to-face class: stay on top of the work. To do so when learning online, you may have to change how and when you complete your coursework. Make an extra effort to focus on class lectures and other course work without distractions. Maintain a schedule for yourself based on faculty instructions so you can keep on top of the work and meet submission dates and deadlines for all of your classes. 

Watch this helpful video "5 Tips for Your Newly Online Coursework" created by Lehigh Professor Ziad Munson.

  1. Jump in!  Be ready to participate in online classes 

Your instructor will ask you to participate in interactive activities, such as Zoom sessions or an online discussion forum. Participation is essential.

In Zoom: Turn on your camera. Post in Chat. Raise your virtual or physical hand.  Speak up in Breakout Rooms.

In Course Site: Post thoughtful responses to prompts and engage with your classmates. The more you contribute to online coursework, the more you will learn.

In short, You will be most successful when you are fully present, when you engage in discussions, and when you take opportunities to ask and answer questions. 

  1. Be there!  Get ready to get the most from live interactive lectures

Your instructors may use Zoom to conduct some or all remote class meetings. Visit our quick tips and best practices to improve your Zoom experience.

  1. Maintain academic integrity

Lehigh’s academic integrity standards remain the same whether you are learning online or in a face-to-face class. That means that you may not receive unauthorized assistance in taking quizzes, tests, or examinations, and that you may not submit the work of another as your own in any assignment.  Review the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Senates' Statements on Academic Integrity and Article III of Lehigh’s Code of Conduct. If you have any questions about Academic Integrity as it applies to your online course, ask your instructor or TA. Any suspected violations of the code of conduct will be reported and handled through the University Student Conduct System.

  1. Use our online academic resources

LUapps provides access to over 60 University-licensed Windows applications in a virtual environment, and can be run any time, anywhere, and from any device. Consider setting up Kumo so that you can access and save to cloud storage environments (such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive).

Access library resources such as the Library Catalog, databases, and E-Journals at You will use EZproxy to authenticate and access electronic resources from off-campus. Library Instruction and Research Services librarians are able to provide online assistance with research and instruction questions using online chat, zoom, or email. Start with LTS Help.

See Library hours here.

  1. Get comfortable using Course Site

Visit the Student Course Site Guide for additional guidance on how to upload documents to assignments, and complete other tasks.

  1. Ask for Help when you need it.

If you need technical support or help with anything covered in this guide, contact the LTS Help Desk.

610-758-4357 (8-HELP)  | Text | Chat

  1. Many people are here for you: Seek out and use academic help at Lehigh