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The workshops described on this page are designed to help Lehigh faculty and TAs as they undertake course development work for Fall 2020. All Lehigh faculty, instructional staff, and teaching assistants are welcome to attend. 

Each workshop will offer resources to pre-read/pre-watch and a Zoom session that offers

  • a brief overview of the topic,
  • brief presentations and guidance from faculty peers and CITL staff,
  • time for Q&A,
  • transition at 60 minutes for those who need to leave after the hour, and
  • 30 minutes of guided, practical work on the topic, designed to help you in your individual course development work.

These workshops were developed by the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) and the Faculty Senate Working Group on Online Teaching and Online Curriculum, in coordination with the Provost's and College Deans' Offices.

They are supplemental to 

Additional information about these workshops, including descriptions, pre-reads, and registration will be added to the week-by-week schedule at the bottom of this page. 

Recordings of all workshops will be added to the schedule below shortly after the session is completed. 

Need Help? If at any point in this process, you need help or additional guidance, contact the LTS Help Desk.
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Fall 2020: How's it Going? Opportunities for a "Week 3 Check-in"
 Checking-in about Fully Remote Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Courses
  • Wednesday 9/9/2020 4:30-5:30 
Checking-in about Fully Remote STEM Courses
  • Thursday 9/10/2020 4:30 - 5:30 
Checking-in about Hybrid and In-person Courses 
  • Friday 9/11/2020  3-4pm 
Week of July 6th
"Introduction to Lehigh's Blended Learning Framework for Fall 2020"
"Setting Course Goals & Reworking Course Objectives in a Fully Remote or Blended Course"
RCEAS All-Faculty Meeting "Introduction to Lehigh's Blended Learning Framework for Fall 2020"
Week of July 13
"Producing Effective Teaching Modules for Asynchronous Learners: Engaging Students and Promoting Active Learning"
"Synchronous Online Class Meetings: Designing and Delivering Interactive Lectures in Zoom"

Pre-Reads for this Week

Supplemental Materials

Week of July 20
Developing Assignments and Student Assessments in Asynchronous Online Settings: Focus on STEM Courses
Developing Assignments and Student Assessments in Asynchronous Online Settings: Focus on Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Courses
    Week of July 27
    Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Courses: Special Session on Respondus

    Hyflex Teaching: Strategies for Instructors Who are Teaching In-classroom with Remote Students

    Teaching Lab-based Courses Remotely

    Teaching Performance-based Courses Remotely
    • Wed, July 29, 2020, 3:30-4:30 PM  - [View Panopto recording][View Zoom recording w/chat] 

    Teaching Graduate Students/Graduate Students Remotely

    Special Session for CAS First-year Seminars
      Week of Aug 3
      "Welcoming Students, Setting Expectations, and Creating Connections Within and Beyond the Classroom"
      "What is an Anti-Racist Classroom? What Actions Can I Take to Create One?"
      Week of Aug 10
      "Managing Your Time While Delivering a High-Quality Course"
      "Final Review before Launching: A Checklist for your Fall 2020 Course"