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Download and Configure the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software

In order to connect to the Lehigh network, and many of the resources on it from an off-campus computer, users need to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. This software encrypts your device's network traffic, and allows it to pass through a 'tunnel' over the internet, and onto the Lehigh network, allowing a remote device to function as if it were on campus.

The steps below describe the process of downloading and installing the software onto 'desktop' computer operating systems -- they're the the same for Windows and Mac.

Migrate Local Folders from Thunderbird to Lehigh Gmail

PLEASE NOTE: Lehigh does not support using Thunderbird to access your Gmail account for day-to-day use. This document is provided ONLY as a means of moving your Thunderbird Local folders up to the Lehigh Gmail account.

Some people store email messages locally, on the computer hard drive. In Thunderbird these folders are listed below the Lehigh account, under the heading "Local Folders." Depending on the number of folders, this process could take several hours or even longer. We advise migrating only those folders that you want to preserve for future use.

Print to Google Cloud Print from a Windows Computer

You can download Google Cloud Printer, which adds the Google Cloud printer driver to your computer's printer list and allows you to print to any LTS public site printer connected to Google Cloud Print. This makes printing any type of document or image file from your Windows computer easy--no need to download individual printer drivers, connect to the VPN, or the print server. NOTE: you must have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer.

Using an SSH Gateway in MobaXTerm

This set of instructions walks through making an SSH connection to a host using MobaXTerm's 'jump host' feature. This is helpful when making SSH connections to systems behind firewalls that provide an ssh gateway host, like Lehigh. One potential complication is that credentials for the gateway host may differ from those on the desired destination host. MobaXTerm's interface makes these connections easy.

Editing the Classroom Technology and Public Computers Pages

This guide is intended to orient editors of the Classroom Technology and Public Computers pages (, which exist to communicate to students, faculty and other staff about the equipment and services offered in the locations described there. Those descriptions should let the readers know both about what equipment and services are provided in the room and who should be contacted with regard to each of the types of services.

Controlling Dual Displays in an LTS Facility

Some rooms at Lehigh are equipped with dual projectors or displays, allowing two different video sources to be shown at once. Dual display rooms offer significant flexibility but they are somewhat complex. If you would like an orientation please call the Media Center (83059).

Installing COMSOL

Lehigh has a network license for COMSOL, and a Windows installer for the software is available at (LUIS).

To install the software, you'll first need to be logged into the machine with administrator privileges. Windows 7 PCs must also have 'Virtual Clone Drive' installed. ( Virtual Clone Drive allows Windows-based computers to open .iso files as if they were CDs inserted into the system's optical drive. Windows 10 opens .iso files natively.)

Install the VMWare Horizon Client on Windows

The following instructions will cover downloading, installing and configuring the VMWare Horizon Client to access virtual software.  To use the virtual software client, you must be connected to the Lehigh network, either with an Ethernet cable, via Lehigh wireless, or over the internet via the VPN. Learn more about configuring the Lehigh VPN on your device.

Operating a WolfVision VZ-8 Document Camera

Follow the steps below to operate this camera.