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Windows 7

Configure the VMware Horizon Client to Access Local Files in Windows

The following instructions will guide you through making folders and drives on your local computer (Desktop, My Documents; Dropbox; Google Drive; etc.) available when using virutalized applications running inside the VMware Horizon Client in Windows. This documentation assumes you have already installed the VMware Horizon Client, and have already logged in to Lehigh's virtual software server.

Migrate Contacts from Thunderbird to Gmail

Some retirees / spouses may wish to copy their Address Book, including Lists (also called groups) from Thunderbird to Lehigh Gmail. Below are instructions for exporting addresses from Thunderbird and then importing them into Gmail. You may wish to have a friend, family member, or local tech support person assist you with this task.

Migrate Local Folders from Thunderbird to Lehigh Gmail

PLEASE NOTE: Lehigh does not support using Thunderbird to access your Gmail account for day-to-day use. This document is provided ONLY as a means of moving your Thunderbird Local folders up to the Lehigh Gmail account.

Some people store email messages locally, on the computer hard drive. In Thunderbird these folders are listed below the Lehigh account, under the heading "Local Folders." Depending on the number of folders, this process could take several hours or even longer. We advise migrating only those folders that you want to preserve for future use.

Installing Avast Antivirus Software

Avast Business Security Antivirus provides active, centrally-managed anti-malware protection to Lehigh-owned faculty and staff PCs and Macs. On PCs, it is used in combination with a centrally-managed enterprise version of Malwarebytes that is automatically installed as part of the Windows Update process. All other anti-malware software should be removed (or deactivated, in the case of built-in Windows software that cannot be uninstalled, such as Windows Defender).

Using Stata on the Virtual Site (Windows)

Stata is now available in a virtual environment. It can be run on- or off-campus. Follow these steps to install and configure VMware Horizon Client and VPN, and to access Stata and manage files from your computer.

Print to Google Cloud Print from a Windows Computer

You can download Google Cloud Printer, which adds the Google Cloud printer driver to your computer's printer list and allows you to print to any LTS public site printer connected to Google Cloud Print. This makes printing any type of document or image file from your Windows computer easy--no need to download individual printer drivers, connect to the VPN, or the print server. NOTE: you must have the Google Chrome browser installed on your computer.

Google Cloud Print

Try Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print lets you print from anywhere using your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to connected LTS public site printers via your Lehigh Google account.

Please let LTS know what you think of Google Cloud Print:

Print to Google Cloud Print via Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser (available at allows you to print to any Google Cloud Print enabled printer on campus. You can print any file or webpage that opens in Chrome as well as any files you have uploaded to Lehigh Google Drive including PDFs, MS Office files, and image files.

Print via Email to LTS Printers

You can print to LTS public site printers by emailing an attachment to the printer's designated email address. This makes printing easy from any device--no need to download individual printer drivers, connect to the VPN, or the print server.


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