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Editing the Classroom Technology and Public Computers Pages

This guide is intended to orient editors of the Classroom Technology and Public Computers pages (, which exist to communicate to students, faculty and other staff about the equipment and services offered in the locations described there. Those descriptions should let the readers know both about what equipment and services are provided in the room and who should be contacted with regard to each of the types of services.

Controlling Dual Displays in an LTS Facility

Some rooms at Lehigh are equipped with dual projectors or displays, allowing two different video sources to be shown at once. Dual display rooms offer significant flexibility but they are somewhat complex. If you would like an orientation please call the Media Center (83059).

Operating a WolfVision VZ-8 Document Camera

Follow the steps below to operate this camera.

Share a Document in Lehigh Office 365

Lehigh Office 365 allows you to share your documents with others - either simply to view or for collaborative work. For this example, we will be using Word Online.

Edit Office 365 Web App Document on Local Office Client

At times, you may find it necessary to open a document from your online Lehigh Office 365 account directly within your local desktop client of Microsoft Office. For this example, we will be using Word Online.

Create a New Document in Lehigh Office 365

The following instructions will guide you through the basic process of creating a new document in your Lehigh Office 365 account suite online.

Qualtrics authentication and using authentication data

In some surveys, you may want to require respondents to log in to a survey in order to capture information about them, such as their Lehigh userID, name or email address. Follow the steps below to set up authentication requiring respondents to log in using their Lehigh userID and password prior to taking the survey. Please note that the “Preview Survey” and the "Look and Feel" function do not work with the Authenticator active. Do all survey testing prior to adding authentication. Make sure to test authentication and results prior to sending out the survey.

Log in

Gmail is entirely Web-based, so you can use any Web browser to access Gmail. To log into Gmail:

  1. Go to or
  2. Select the Mail option.
  3. The first time you log in you will be asked to sign the Google agreement, and you may need to fill out a captcha ( challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being).
  4. Enter your password.

You can also go to and follow these steps: