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USE EXTREME CAUTION! Lehigh and locations across the country (and possibly world-wide) have been experiencing a high volume of phishing messages using emails with links to Google Documents which use malicious code to affect your Google account. These are being caused a compromised Google App which has now been blocked by Google, but there will be continued issues with those who were compromised before the problem was blocked. Do not click these links, as it may compromise your account resulting your Lehigh account being locked and a compromise of your entire contacts list which will send similar messages out to everyone in that list. Look at the sender and the recipient list and determine if you should be expecting an email before clicking on any links. If you have clicked on any links and/or supplied your credentials to access any attachments or links you have likely been compromised. Lehigh may have taken preemptive action to lock accounts it sees performing these actions. In order to unlock your account, you will need to contact the Help Desk at 610-758-4357. They will unlock your account and you will then need to reset your Lehigh Password which will resolve the issue with your account.

Phishing Example Image: