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An overview of the university's plans to help prepare faculty for fall 2020 can be found in our Preparing to Teach in Fall 2020 guide. (No decision has been made yet about fall 2020, but instructors should prepare for the possibility that at least some instruction will need to be online and some instruction will be in-classroom).

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    Read on to learn how to:

    1. Use Course Site as your core online learning platform
    2. Develop a framework for your course
    3. Communicate and connect with students
    4. Post course materials
    5. Deliver lectures
    6. Interact with students through online course activities
    7. Assess student learning online
    8. Final Review (coming soon)
    9. Go Live
    10. Making early-course adjustments (coming soon)

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    Prepared by Lehigh's Center for Innovation on Teaching and Learning with guidance by the faculty working group on Online Teaching and Online Curriculum
    (Primary author: G. Reihman, posted 3/5/2020, updated 7/5/2020)