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Research Librarians

Jasmine Woodson Education Librarian teaching

Partnering with Lehigh faculty, our research librarians deliver innovative and responsive services to enhance student learning and enrich the Lehigh curriculum. They can assist with assignment development, citation and data management, research best practices and interactive tutorials - directly in class, and behind-the-scenes - to facilitate research, inquiry, and exploration. Lehigh’s librarians are your best resource in finding the most useful information for your project or assignments and we welcome opportunities to collaborate with faculty. Find the librarian with expertise in your subject area.

Literacy Skills

Students gathered in Linderman Library stacks

Information literacy is more than mastering basic library skills. It is about developing information and technology competencies that form the foundation for good scholarship and lifelong learning. Subject Librarians help Lehigh students develop skills related to finding, evaluating, and using scholarly information to complete assignments and conduct research. Learn more about the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy, a guiding document used to form the basis of information literacy programs at Lehigh.

Library Guides

Library Guides Lehigh University

Curated by Subject Librarians, Lehigh's Library Guides provide course-specific resources such as databases, journals, ebooks, and media and video, identified as useful for a particular discipline, as well as tips for courses, subjects, and special topics to aid in research. Access Library Guides @ Lehigh.

Special Collections in the Classroom

Special Collections in the classroom

As a steward of historical materials of enduring value, Lehigh's Special Collections fosters inquiry, critical thinking, and discovery through an active engagement with the past. Our curators can help instructors integrate collections, including rare books, manuscripts, and the Lehigh University archives, into their class projects and assignments, assist with research, or offer guidance and direction on an archives-based approach that aligns with course goals. Special Collections encourages and welcomes class visits.