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What is Keeper Security?

Keeper Security is a password manager. Password managers store your usernames and passwords for your online accounts in an encrypted vault that you can access across your devices. Logging into Keeper allows you to easily access, save, and update your passwords - and the only password you have to remember is the master password for your Keeper account.

Why you should use Keeper Security password manager

Password managers:

  • generate strong passwords that a human would be unlikely to guess.
  • store several passwords (and responses to security questions) safely.
  • protect all of your passwords with a single master password

Get Started

Lehigh University has partnered with Keeper Security to supply complimentary password management accounts to all faculty and staff. Enroll immediately or select Get Started and Keeper User Guides to explore setup instructions and features before you enroll.

Password reuse is the biggest threat to your accounts. A password manager like Keeper lets you use a unique password for all your accounts AND log in effortlessly.
Eric Zematis, Lehigh University Chief Information Security Officer