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Inclusive Teaching Resources

(a list under development by Lehigh faculty and staff)

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Chronicle of Higher Education,  "The Case for Inclusive Teaching" (2/27/18) 

Lehigh’s CITL Inclusive Teaching: Identifying Challenges and Finding the Right Approach” 

Lehigh’s CITL Inclusive Teaching: Effective Approaches for Diverse ClassroomsActions for Instructors to take in their classroom during times of crisis.

Facilitating Difficult Race Relations (Wiley white paper) 

Lehigh Resources to learn more about Inclusive Teaching and the Diversity of the Lehigh Student Experience

Cornell University’s Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Yale University’s Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms Developed by the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at the University of Michigan. This resource addresses issues related to course content, assumptions and awareness of potential issues, planning of class meetings, and the instructor’s behaviors during class meetings.

Oxford Brooks University Guide to Inclusive Teaching (pdf)

Are College Lectures Unfair?” (Anne Murphy Paul, New York Times, 9/12/2015)

“Inclusive learning and teaching in higher education: a synthesis of research” Professor Christine Hockings, April 2010

The Power of a Diverse Classroom (G. Reihman, H. Odi. Presentation slides)

How Black Students Tend to Learn Science” (Terrence Ross, The Atlantic 2014)

Small World: Crafting an Inclusive Classroom (No Matter What You Teach)" by Mary A. Armstrong

Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat & Teaching Strategies that Mitigate their Impact (K. McLaughlin. PPT slides)

Diversity Content as a Gateway to Deeper Learning: The Statistics of Sexual Orientation  A terrific example of building a technical (statistics) course around "diversity content," and the potential impact on learning. Includes specific assignments and activities and learning outcomes. 

Jo Handlesman Scientific Teaching 

Understanding Interventions That Encourage Minorities to Pursue Research Careers

But I Don’t Like Beer: A Guide to Identifying and Reducing Stereotype Threat to Maximize Student Performance. Weslee S. Glenn, Elizabeth M. V. Taylor, and Catherine L. Drennan.

Diversity Resources for STEM Fields. Center for the Integration of Teaching, Learning, and Research. 

University of Denver’s Microaggressions in the Classroom

Increasing Diversity in the Geosciences