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Library & Technology Services provides support for the telephones used on campus.

Web Conferencing

There are several applications available on campus that support web conferencing. Web conferencing refers to a service that allows conferencing events to be shared with remote locations. Most vendors also provide either a recorded copy of an event, or a means for a subscriber to record an event. These service allow information to be shared simultaneously, across geographically dispersed locations in nearly real-time. (Wikipedia, 2011).

Currently, LTS supports Zoom and Cisco Spark for conferencing needs.

Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, the university utilizes the following tools – depending upon the severity of the situation – to communicate with the campus community:


Library & Technology Services provides personal and group calendars through Google Calendar, which is available at Training on Google Calendar is available through LTS (see the LTS seminar schedule for more information). The 25Live Room Scheduling calendar is used for reserving University spaces such as classrooms and conference rooms.

Student or Class Projects

If you are a faculty member planning to assign a project in which students create or work with video, Library & Technology Services Documentary Resource Team can provide resource coordination support, production expertise, instruction for students, course development assistance, advice on equipment needs, etc. If you would like to request such support, see the link below. We will review your request and a team member will follow up with you on how we can best work together to ensure that you and your students have the resources you need.

Virtual Reality Movies

Library & Technology Services Digital Media Studio can create QuickTime VR (virtual reality) movies (also known as QTVR). QTVR allows the creation and viewing of captured panoramas and exploration through images taken from one or multiple viewing angles.

Contact the Digital Media Studio, 83057, EWFM 421 for information about VR movies and 360 degree video.


Media Duplication

The Library & Technology Services Digital Media Studio offers several services for media duplication including VHS, CD, DVD, and audio duplication and also offers cover and case color printing for various duplication needs. Copyrighted materials will not be transferred or duplicated without written permission from the copyright holder.



The Digital Media Studio offers studio support for a wide range of still photography and digital imaging. Specific services include: small object, three dimensional, portfolio, macro, and portrait photography. Individual portraits for University purposes can also be taken in the photo studio.

We also can process traditional 35mm negatives and slides.

Jarret taking a picture

Video Editing & Post-Production Services

Library & Technology Services can provide help and assistance with editing video and other post-production services that can enhance your video. Instructional Media Services' Digital Media Studio offers a studio area where staff can assist users with photography, video and narration recording, green screen video, VR movie recording and more. Our edit lab offers 19 edit stations for classes and individuals working on course-related video projects. Assistance and tutorials are available. Please call 83057.


Closed captioning was created for the hearing-impaired community to assist in comprehension. It can also be used as a tool by those learning to read, learning to speak a non-native language, or in an environment where the audio is difficult to hear or is intentionally muted. Captions can also be used by viewers who simply wish to read a transcript along with the program audio.