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Video, Audio, and Still Image Archival

by Allen Kingsbury

Video Archival
An archived video should be as close as possible to its original form (i.e. minimal compression, format changes, etc.) and should be stored on some durable or secure (i.e. backed up) medium like an external hard drive.
File sizes will tend to be large so you may need to be selective as to what you wish to preserve (i.e. raw footage vs. finished video).

Google Sites and Confluence

To Access Google Sites:
1. Go to
2. Click on Sites
3. Click Sign in to Lehigh, and then sign in.
4. It will prompt you to add information based on your new site; enter the info as it pertains to your site.
5. You have now created a site in Google Sites.

Video Basics - Crossing the Line

by Allen Kingsbury & Jarret Brown
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The 180 degree rule (Don't cross the line)
There is another rule to follow in filmmaking when filming multiple subjects. You need to draw an imaginary line connecting both subjects on the same plane, then don't cross that line while filming.

Video Basics - Camera Support

by Allen Kingsbury & Jarret Brown
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How you hold your camera can make a big difference in how your video looks to your audience. Shaky Cam—rough hand held camera movement—is widely used in film making to give a film a documentary or real life feel.


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