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Chart: Computer File Storage Options: Local

The chart below details Local file storage options on individual computers. Some of these come with the computer, some have additional costs. While your department's Computing Consultant can assist you with them, and advise you about best practices, none of them are are actually administered or maintained by LTS on a daily basis, like the LAN systems.

Chart: Computer File Storage Options: LAN

The chart below details file storage options available on Lehigh's Local Area Network (LAN) for Lehigh computer users. Generally these are available directly to a computer's operating system, and separate software for accessing files isn't required. Exceptions are noted. Note that some are only available to certain groups of Lehigh users. Most are administered and maintained by LTS staff.

Quick Notes on PCs in LTS Classrooms and Public Sites

Most of the provided PCs in classrooms and computer labs at Lehigh run Windows, and are connected to the campus LAN. They have a number of other features in common, and more information can be found in the HelpDesk's Public Site and Classroom Computer FAQ, but here are a few quick pointers:

12 Essential LTS Services Every Student Should Know

At Lehigh students are provided with many technology-related services in which to complete their coursework. Below are 12 of the most important and most used services by our students. If you are a new student at Lehigh, knowing about, and becoming familiar with these services will be a great benefit to you when starting your courses. Each service is briefly explained and includes links to other LTS documentation that covers the service in more detail.

Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

This document features various shortcuts and suggestions for streamlining your work using the technology already at your fingertips.

General Windows Tips

Controlling Dual Displays in an LTS Facility

Some rooms at Lehigh are equipped with dual projectors or displays, allowing two different video sources to be shown at once. Dual display rooms offer significant flexibility but they are somewhat complex. If you would like an orientation please call the Media Center (83059).

Classroom Technology

The following pages provide a printer-friendly version of all of the step-by-step instructions for using the display equipment in LTS-equipped classrooms. Further information focused on using the computers in these areas can be found in the LTS Classroom and Public Site Computers Guide.

Using an Annotator in an LTS-equipped Classroom

The annotator provides a variety of tools that allow the user to project mark ups for any selected input source. These marks cannot be saved at this time.

Installing COMSOL

Lehigh has a network license for COMSOL, and a Windows installer for the software is available at (LUIS).

To install the software, you'll first need to be logged into the machine with administrator privileges. Windows 7 PCs must also have 'Virtual Clone Drive' installed. ( Virtual Clone Drive allows Windows-based computers to open .iso files as if they were CDs inserted into the system's optical drive. Windows 10 opens .iso files natively.)


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