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Desktop Data Encryption Policy

Statement of Policy

Lehigh University strives to maintain the integrity and security of institutional, proprietary, and confidential data entrusted to it. This type of data includes, but is not limited to, student records, financial records (both institutional and personal), and health care related records. Lehigh’s classification of data can be seen at

Google Contact Manager

Google's Contact Manager works just like an address book, giving you access to all your contacts. With Contact Manager, you can import and export contacts, create contact groups--like mailing lists in Thunderbird, and access the Lehigh University directory.

Use Fetch to Upload Web Pages

This procedure demonstrates the use of Fetch on a Macintosh to upload web files to a webserver using a Lehigh personal webspace as an example.

Use MobaXterm SSH Client for Web Management

MobaXterm is an enhanced terminal emulator program for Windows, similar to Putty, and replacing SSH Secure Shell. It includes an X11 server for receiving X-Windows graphics, a tabbed SSH client, a graphical SFTP and FTP client, network tools and much more. For classic file-based websites, it can be used to transfer files between users' personal Windows computers and web servers, such as those hosting Lehigh personal or departmental web pages.

Microsoft Windows 10 FAQ

Window 10 was released in July 2015 and is offered as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users through July 29, 2016. The majority of the university-owned faculty and staff computers run the Enterprise version of Windows 7 and are managed by LTS. These PCs/laptops will not be automatically updated to Windows 10. Please see the Q &A below for a more detailed explanation regarding Library and Technology support for Windows 10. More information regarding Windows 10 will be provided in the upcoming months.

Microsoft Windows 10 for Students, Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Windows 10 operating system is used on public site computers on campus.

Students, faculty and staff have options for upgrading their personal computers.

--Students have the option of obtaining ONE free Windows 10 Education upgrade through Lehigh’s new Kivuto web store. Note: the Windows 10 upgrade is a download, there is no DVD media available for the Windows 10 upgrade.

Prepare your Gmail Account for Migration

The process of migrating from a Lehigh Gmail account to a personal Gmail account after graduation is usually simple and fast. However, some users have had difficulty getting the migration tool to accept the password for their personal Gmail account OR the Google passphrase for their Lehigh Gmail account. These cases have been resolved by checking on a couple options in Google.

Minimum Requirements for Supported Hardware 2016-2017

The following are base-level hardware specifications required for support by the Library & Technology Services team supporting the College of Arts & Sciences. The purpose of establishing these minimums is to optimize the level of support we can provide to members of the college. Given the increased requirements of modern software application suites available to clients via LTS, we believe that it has become impractical and unproductive for clients to attempt the installation and use of such software on equipment that does not meet the stated minimum hardware requirements.

LTS ENG Team Quick Reference

LTS ENG Quick Reference Sheet 20170218 dbp0Primary Departmental relationships for Computing Consultants:

Create an Imagine Account

Microsoft Imagine is a service that provides access to a variety of Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. Follow the instructions below to create your account on the Imagine Webstore.

Note: On Sept 7, 2016 Microsoft changed the name of the service from DreamSpark to Imagine.


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