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Controlling Displays with the Touch Panel in an LTS-equipped Classroom

The starting point for use of display systems in most LTS Facilities (especially High Technology Classrooms) a touch-screen control panel. They do come in different sizes, from a few inches across up to the size of a regular computer display. The following items will help familiarize you with the capabilities of the panels:

Configure Android for Lehigh Gmail

There are 2 sets of instructions for configuring Lehigh Gmail for Android devices. The first set (STEPS 1-7) is for devices running Android v5.0 or higher. The second set (STEPS 8-17) is for devices running Android v4.0-4.9.

Desktop Backup with Code42 Crashplan

Code42 CrashPlan (Enterprise), is LTS's recommended desktop backup solution. It is easy to use, fully automated, monitored and maintained by LTS, and can be installed on multiple devices and platforms. Benefits include:

Public Site Homepage

Here is a list of popular and helpful links:Most Popular Links

  • Lehigh Home Page
  • Course Site
  • Lehigh GMail

Ethos Platform Overview

Ellucian describes Ethos as an eight-part platform that offers enhanced capabilities and deployment options. As we implement parts of the Ethos platform it will enable Banner 9 to provide:

  • Greater scalability – we can grow to meet Lehigh's needs
  • Easier integration – adding third-party tools to our Banner environment is easier
  • Rapid delivery – less time and effort is required to integrate new tools


ethos platform diagram.png

Banner to the Cloud Project Information

Lehigh University, a long time Ellucian Banner customer, is moving from an on-premises Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to the cloud. This transition is part of a strategy to make enterprise systems applications more responsive, agile, and aligned with campus needs, as well as to improve the user experience for students, faculty, and staff.

Visit this site for news and information on the Banner to the Cloud project.

Canon 80D (Button & Settings Menu training)

Training for the Canon 80D button and settings menu.

Access the New York Times Online

Lehigh students, faculty, and staff can enjoy full online access to the the New York Times courtesy of the Lehigh Libraries. Full-text of this publications is available via, and through mobile apps.