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Controlling Displays with the Touch Panel in an LTS-equipped Classroom

The starting point for use of display systems in most LTS Facilities (especially High Technology Classrooms) a touch-screen control panel. They do come in different sizes, from a few inches across up to the size of a regular computer display. The following items will help familiarize you with the capabilities of the panels:

Configure Android for Lehigh Gmail

There are 2 sets of instructions for configuring Lehigh Gmail for Android devices. The first set (STEPS 1-7) is for devices running Android v5.0 or higher. The second set (STEPS 8-17) is for devices running Android v4.0-4.9.

12 LTS services every student should know

At Lehigh students are provided with many technology-related services in which to complete their coursework. Below are 12 of the most important and most used services by our students. If you are a new student at Lehigh, knowing about, and becoming familiar with these services will be a great benefit to you when starting your courses. Each service is briefly explained and includes links to other LTS documentation that covers the service in more detail. 

Software Acquisition, Development, Upgrade and Distribution

1.0 Objective: What we want to accomplish

This document outlines the policies and procedures for managing the software procurement, upgrade, development and distribution processes for Lehigh University. It will serve as a guide for University faculty and staff who would like to request new academic and administrative software as well as procedures and guidelines for requesting software to be developed, upgraded, supported and maintained.

2.0 Purpose: Reason behind policy

This policy:

Download and Configure the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Software

In order to connect to the Lehigh network, and many of the resources on it from an off-campus computer, users need to install the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. This software encrypts your device's network traffic, and allows it to pass through a 'tunnel' over the internet, and onto the Lehigh network, allowing a remote device to function as if it were on campus.

The steps below describe the process of downloading and installing the software onto 'desktop' computer operating systems -- they're the the same for Windows and Mac.

E-waste dropoff locations

Before you dispose of equipment please read guidelines for Personally-owned equipment and university-owned equipment. Currently there are e-waste dropoff locations for small items only at:

eduroam Wireless Access

eduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service for the research and education community that allows students, faculty and staff from Lehigh to obtain Internet connectivity when visiting other participating institutions.  For a complete list of eduroam participating institutions, see eduroam Subscribers.

Audio Recording Studio Building C Room 120B

Here is an instructional video that demonstrates how to use the Audio Recording Studio in Mountaintop Building C.
General Audacity tutorials are included below.

How to use the Audio Recording Studio in Building C Room 120B

Event, Studio Recording and Editing Fees

The Digital Media Studio staff collaborate with faculty and students engaged in course-related audio and video production at no charge.
For department and special event recording and editing, here are our options:

LUapps Software List

LUapps software currently available: