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Cisco 7841 Quick Reference Guide

7841 Quick Reference Guide

This phone supports 2 lines, with dedicated feature buttons for Voice Mail, Hold, Transfer and Conference. Other features are available via softkeys. It also features a dedicated headset jack.


Buttons and Features

Data Analysis and Visualization

The Digital Scholarship Team supports the use of various technologies to facilitate data analysis and visualization. Contact Rob Weidman (row3) for additional information.

Software Installation Overview

This document describes the basic steps involved in installing software on a personal computer. It's a very generalized procedure, and applies to installing any compiled software from any vendor on any operating system. Not all software installations will require all of the steps, and some operating systems and utilities automate some of the steps, but understanding each phase of an installation is helpful in understanding the process as a whole. Always be sure to read any specific instructions from the software vendor, distribution system, or your system administrator.

Connect HDMI Audio in a VGA-Equipped Laptop Classroom

Many of LTS's 'Laptop Classrooms' and other facilities provide only a VGA video input and a separate 2.5 mm Audio jack to access the room's sound system. This can cause an issue when connecting newer laptops using HDMI to VGA adapters. The laptop automatically disables the standard audio output jack when the adapter is connected to the HDMI jack, and routes its audio signal to the HDMI port. To access the audio stream, your HDMI adapter must be equipped with an audio output jack. Generally, this also requires that the adapter also be connected to a source of power -- usually a USB port.

Gmail Migration for Retirees & Spouses

Several years ago, Lehigh University started a process of migrating the campus community over to Lehigh Gmail -- a more reliable, user-friendly, secure, and accessible solution to one of the most-used services on campus. Security has been a driving force in this move. Gmail users experience less SPAM, a dramatic reduction in malicious threats received via email, and generally superior monitoring and eradication of messages that could harm your computer and Lehigh’s security.

Cisco Spark

Note: At the present time, Cisco Spark is only available to LTS. LTS is working towards general availability for the fall semester.

EWFM Meditation, Prayer, and Reflection Space

The Lehigh University Libraries is pleased to offer our community a dedicated space for individuals of all religious faiths and non-religious beliefs to experience a place for peace, prayer, meditation, and reflection. Please note:

Delete or Modify the Login Keychain with Keychain Access in MacOS

Some Macs at Lehigh are configured to accept Lehigh passwords for login, that is, they are bound to the Lehigh Active Directory domain similar to Windows-based PCs. This is handy for shared systems, but creates some extra work when Lehigh account passwords are changed. The MacOS stores users' website passwords, wifi passwords, and file server passwords in a database file called a 'Keychain'. Normally, this file is created when the user first logs into their account on the Mac, and it is encrypted and secured with the password that the user entered to log in.