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Access software using the VMware Horizon Client

The Horizon View Client is the software package that connects Lehigh users to our virtual software system, and enables them to run software that isn't installed directly on their devices. It runs on numerous platforms, from Windows and macOS to Android and iOS devices (phones and tablets).  See the service page for more information.  The instructions below show you what you'll see when using the system.

Create a Desktop Alias to a Network Storage Space in macOS

To make accessing your Network Storage Spaces (Personal or Departmental) as easy as it can be on a Mac, a desktop alias (shortcut) is very handy.  Follow the instructions below to create one.

File Storage Locations

The links below direct you to charts listing the various computer file storage systems of that type available to Lehigh users. Further details regarding the use and features of most systems are linked from their names on the charts. Researchers: Be aware that your funding agency may have requirements regarding the storage and management of research data that you generate.

Click the links below for full details on each storage location type.

Requesting help from Library & Technology Services

Jira Service Desk provides you with an easy to use portal that lets you request help, track your requests, and see all your past and current requests.

In addition to Jira Service Desk, you can also search the LTS Knowledge Base for answers to common questions you have about LTS systems and services.

Cisco Unity Voice Mail Guide

Cisco Unity Voice Mail Guide

Setting up voice mail

You will be provided with a temporary PIN to set up your mailbox for the first time.

  1. Dial 84444.
  2. Enter your ID (your extension number) and PIN when requested.
  3. The system will prompt you to record a name and greeting, and to change your PIN.

Accessing voice mail 

Cisco 8841/8851 Quick Reference Guide

8841/8851 Quick Reference Guide

This phone supports 5 lines, with dedicated feature buttons for Voice Mail, Hold, Transfer and Conference. Other features are available via softkeys. It also features a dedicated headset jack.


Buttons and Features

Unified Communications (VoIP) Migration Status

As LTS progresses through the migration to Cisco Unified Communication, this page will provide information on building or department moves as well as planned feature enhancements.

Phase 1 (user phones) deployment

Timeline through January 2019

Phone Conferencing Options

Effective immediately, Zoom replaces legacy audio conferencing solutions Meet-Me and Windstream Ready Bridge.

Visit Getting Started with Zoom for more information on Zoom conferencing.

The following phone conferencing options are available to faculty and staff users.