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Install ChemDraw Pro on Windows Computers

After removing previous installations of ChemOffice 17, and downloading the installation file, follow the instructions below to install ChemDraw Pro.

Install ChemDraw Pro on macOS

Once you've followed the other instructions to downloaded an installer from Perkin Elmer for the ChemDraw Pro software, follow these steps to install it on your computer.

Download ChemDraw Pro from PerkinElmer

If you're unable to download the current version of ChemDraw from the LTS Software Pages, it can also be downloaded from the vendor's distribution site. In order to download the installation program for ChemDraw Professional, users may need to register with the Perkin Elmer’s ‘Download Center’ using their Lehigh email address.  Once registered, the installation files can be downloaded, and the software installed.

Cisco Unity Voice Mail Menus and Shortcuts

Main Menu and Shortcuts

While listening to the Main Menu, press: 


Advanced Gmail Features

Beyond the Basics: Gmail Tips and Tricks


Install the VMWare Horizon Client on Linux

The following instructions guide users on installing the VMWare Horizon Client software, which is used to access virtual software provided by LTS.  The instructions assume that you have internet access and appropriate permissions on your device to install the software.  The example system tested is running Ubuntu 16.04 with it's standard desktop GUI. 

Banner 9 Information

At the end of calendar year 2018, Lehigh’s vendor for the university’s Banner applications, Ellucian, will cease support for Banner 8 forms, also known as Internet Native Banner. Banner 8 forms will be replaced by Banner 9 pages, which have been in use by many campus departments for the past year.

Effective November 5, 2018, Banner 8 forms will no longer be available for general use and only Banner 9 pages will be available. This date was agreed upon by our Banner data stewards to ensure overall campus wide use of Banner 9.

LTS Public Site Podium PC Audio Output Troubleshooting

If the computers audio isn't coming out from the room speakers, follow the instructions below to configure it.

Cisco Phone Setup for Models 8841 and 8851

Follow these instructions after 8:30am on your migration date to assemble and configure your Cisco model 8841 or 8851 phone. If you do not have a desktop PC and plan to plug your new phone directly into an active but unused LAN connection, begin at Step 6a.

Before starting this process, please make sure you have obtained the phone setup PIN from your department representative. This PIN was provided in the migration confirmation email from LTS.

Cisco Phone Setup 7841

Follow these instructions after 8:30am on your migration