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Connect to Personal Network Storage (H-Drive) on Windows

These instructions are for any Lehigh user needing to manually map their LAN drive (H-drive) on computers that are not in Active Directory (AD), such as personally-owned machines. These instructions may also be useful for users who are traveling or living off-campus and connecting to the Lehigh network via the Lehigh VPN. NOTE: Custom applications have been written for students to automatically map these drives for both Windows and Mac users.

Use Web Print

Web Print is the recommended method for printing to public site printers via laptops and can be accessed at any time directly through your PaperCut account. Web Print is a Web-based printing application that enables printing from your own computer without the need to install printers or to authenticate to the PaperCut server. There are, however, some limitations to printing via Web Print. You will only be able to print PDF files. If you are trying to print an MS Office file, you will need to save the file to PDF first.

Access Departmental Network Storage (I-Drive) on macOS

These instructions explain how to access shared departmental LAN space (often referred to at Lehigh as the I-drive, because of how it typically appears on Windows computers). 

Auto-mount network drives (Mac)

Remember, your Mac must be connected to the Lehigh network when it starts, and your Lehigh account credentials must be saved for this connection to be made automatically.

Using the software page (LUIS)

The LTS Software Installation page is a personalized view of the software that is available to you, based on your role. You can also find instructions on use, licensing terms, freeware/open source alternatives, and other information on this page.

Connect to Personal Network Storage (H-Drive) on macOS

Use these instructions to manually connect to your Personal Network Storage space (often referred to as the 'H-drive', since it's represented that way in Windows).  There are also programs available on the Lehigh Software Page to do this automatically, as well as other instructions for simplifying subsequent connections by Creating a Desktop Alias to your Network Storage Space in macOS that can be followed after you make the initial connection.

Install a Network Printer (Instructions)

This utility allows you to quickly configure your computer to print to a networked printer. You must also have administrative rights on your computer.

Training Seminars and Consulting

Library & Technology Services provides a wide variety of training seminars and consulting options for faculty, staff, and students. Some of the options include: seminars on using various technology tools, classroom instruction for students by librarians, information literacy seminars for students, guidance and help with research topics, and grant proposal writing assistance.

LAN Jack Installation

Library & Technology Services maintains the LAN jacks that provide access to the campus network.

Conference Phones

For departments requiring the use of a conference phone for functions in the University Center, please contact the University Center, Reservation desk, at Ext. 84163 for details on reserving the phone, room and associated charges.