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Tips & Resources for Responsible Printing

Tips to Reduce Paper Waste

  • Always use double-sided printing
  • Reduce the margins and font size on your papers/projects
  • Use Print Preview and only print the pages you need
  • Print multiple PowerPoint slides on one page. Under Print Settings, you can change the print layout to "Handouts" and designate the number of slides - up to 9 - you want to appear on each page. PaperCut will only count that one side of the page rather than the number of slides that appear on it. -

Lehigh's Printing Policy

Policy for Printing in the Classroom or at Public Sites

  1. Introduction. LTS purchases, installs, monitors, and supports public site printers and printing software. Paper and toner are provided by LTS for some public sites. The public site and classroom printers are primarily for student and faculty use.
  2. Purpose. This policy:
    1. Promotes the responsible and ethical use of printers, printing software, or printing supplies.

Add Points to your PaperCut Balance

Each school year, Lehigh offers a generous allowance of free printing which satisfies the printing needs of over 90% of all users. However, we realize that this free allowance may not be sufficient for every user. Although we are not able to grant additional free printing beyond the standard allowance, users are able to add more printing points to their balance at any time.

To add points to your PaperCut account, simply go to the Circulation Desk of either library (EWFM or LInderman) and speak to a staff member. You can pay using either your GoldPlus or Bursar account.

Firefox Themes and Extensions

A theme is a type of Firefox add-on which changes the visual appearance of Firefox. This document describes how to find, install and manage themes in Firefox.

Firefox Download Manager

The Download Manager is a feature of Firefox that allows you to track and manage your past and current file downloads. It is a convenient way to escape the clutter of multiple downloading windows while still preserving access to download statistics, such as the file name, file size, time remaining before the download is complete, where the file was downloaded from, and the time or date of the download.

Customize the Toolbar in Firefox

You can customize the Firefox Toolbar by choosing which buttons you want to display, resizing the buttons and adding or removing Toolbars. This document shows you ways to customize your Toolbar.

Password Saving & Management in Firefox

This document describes how to save passwords in Firefox (or not save), and how to remove saved passwords.

Check your PaperCut Account

Lehigh utilizes PaperCut as its print management solution. When using a public site computer on campus, you can view your current printing balance at a glance on the PaperCut gadget which appears on the desktop screen upon login. Your printing allowance starts at 75 points and will decrease, or "count down", with each page printed.

General Options in Firefox

This document covers general options in Firefox located at Tools > Options > Main.

List of Group Names in Active Directory

One of the following group names should be used when accessing departmental LAN space (common space). The stem is the upper level organizational unit, and is one of: