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Customize the Toolbar in Firefox

You can customize the Firefox Toolbar by choosing which buttons you want to display, resizing the buttons and adding or removing Toolbars. This document shows you ways to customize your Toolbar.

Password Saving & Management in Firefox

This document describes how to save passwords in Firefox (or not save), and how to remove saved passwords.

Check your PaperCut Account

Lehigh utilizes PaperCut as its print management solution. When using a public site computer on campus, you can view your current printing balance at a glance on the PaperCut gadget which appears on the desktop screen upon login. Your printing allowance starts at 75 points and will decrease, or "count down", with each page printed.

General Options in Firefox

This document covers general options in Firefox located at Tools > Options > Main.

List of Group Names in Active Directory

One of the following group names should be used when accessing departmental LAN space (common space). The stem is the upper level organizational unit, and is one of:

VPN Access Method Guide

Selecting an Access Method

When you use the Cisco SSL VPN client to connect to the VPN at Lehigh, there are two "groups" (access methods) from which you may select: General Access, and Library Resources. The choice basically boils down to whether or not to use a VPN feature called split tunneling; General Access uses it, Library Resources does not. Here's why:

Tabbed Browsing in Firefox

When you visit more than one page at a time, you can use Tabbed Browsing to navigate the Web faster and easier. Tabbed Browsing lets you open tabs, each displaying a web page, within a single Firefox window. You don't have to have several windows open to visit several different web pages. You can open, close, and reload web pages conveniently in one place without having to switch to another window.

Manage Search Engines in Firefox

The Firefox Search Bar is located to the right of the Location (Address) bar. It lets you use the most popular search engines without having to visit their websites. This document shows how to add, remove

To search, just type a term in the Search bar, press Enter and Firefox will take you to the search results page.

Navigate Web Pages in Firefox

This document will familiarize you with ways to navigate, access and refresh web pages.