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Encrypting / Securing Your Files

Faculty and staff members who work with sensitive data at Lehigh, such as confidential student personal or health records, staff personal or employment data (including performance appraisals), and employee identification numbers, should store this information securely on their workstation, laptop, or in a secure location on a network. Client Services recommends that sensitive data be stored on a secure network location (such as a user's H: Drive). In cases where sensitive data needs to be stored on a workstation or laptop, it is recommended that Whole Disk Encryption be used.

Securing Your Printer

With ever increasing sophistication, printers are becoming more computer-like every day. High-end printers effectively contain computers; with processors, lots of memory, and even disk drives, these printers need to be secured in a manner similar to typical computers. While the need to secure printers is aimed primarily at those printers which connect directly to a network, even printers connected directly to a desktop computer may be vulnerable (depending on any resource sharing which may be set up on that particular computer).

Securing Data and Devices

An unprotected computer or device that holds data is especially vulnerable to the destructive actions of unauthorized users who pose a threat to computer hardware and the information it contains. Cyber attacks, SPAM, identity theft, and the compromising of private information are just a few of these preventable consequences. LTS recommends you be proactive and take steps to secure your data and devices both on campus and off.

LINs, PINs, Usernames, and Passwords Explained

The LIN and PIN

Lehigh Identification Number (LIN): This 9-digit Lehigh identification number replaces the use of Social Security number (SSN) for identity purposes. Staff and Faculty use this number to open their computing accounts, to access the Banner Self Service, and to access library services such as PALCI and ILLIAD. This number does not change.


Assistive Technologies and Services from LTS

Lehigh University's Library and Technology Services (LTS) supports assistive technology and student access in numerous ways:

Printing Responsibly at Lehigh

Lehigh recognizes both the importance of printing to its students and the need to reduce unchecked waste. Each August, all Lehigh users - faculty, staff, and students - are given a public site print allowance of 75 points for the year, at no cost to them. Statistics show that this allowance meets the printing needs of most Lehigh students. The printing allowance also helps to make a dramatic difference in reducing paper waste while at the same time contributing to Lehigh's efforts to foster a sustainable campus.