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Uninstall Malwarebytes Managed Client software (Windows 10)

Malwarebytes Managed Client provides active, centrally-managed anti-malware protection to Lehigh-owned faculty and staff PCs and Macs. In response to a faulty automatic update issued by the vendor on January 27, 2018, some users experienced a loss of network connectivity and it may be necessary to temporarily uninstall Malwarebytes to restore it. Follow these steps to uninstall the program.

Banner 9 Product and Release Documentation

Banner 9 documentation is located on the J drive at J:\banner\Banner 9.  Click on the applicable product folder, then click on the version folder. Not all Banner instances have the same version installed. Select the appropriate documentation file. 

To find the Banner product version for the specific Banner instance (prod, hmrt, fint, etc.), log into the Banner instance and from the Welcome page go to the page GUAABOT.

Dangerous Websites

Warning: This webpage may be dangerous!

From time to time, you may encounter a website displaying a warning page similar to the image below. It may be on a commercial website or possibly even a site you have created using a third-party hosting company.


Thunderbird to Lehigh Gmail: Equivalent functions

Popular Thunderbird functions and their Lehigh Gmail web interface equivalents.



Lehigh Gmail

Reply indicator

Video Credits - Guidelines

Video Credits – Guidelines
Just as you would give attributions when creating a bibliography, footnotes, or works referenced for a paper, you should provide credits at the end of your video.

Your professor may want full citations handed in for your film’s referenced scholarship, images, footage, etc., but for the actual video the following is what we suggest:

Here are examples of commonly used credits for non-fiction films:

Install ChemDraw Pro on Windows Computers

After removing previous installations of ChemOffice 17, and downloading the installation file, follow the instructions below to install ChemDraw Pro.

Install ChemDraw Pro on macOS

Once you've followed the other instructions to downloaded an installer from Perkin Elmer for the ChemDraw Pro software, follow these steps to install it on your computer.

Download ChemDraw Pro from PerkinElmer

If you're unable to download the current version of ChemDraw from the LTS Software Pages, it can also be downloaded from the vendor's distribution site. In order to download the installation program for ChemDraw Professional, users may need to register with the Perkin Elmer’s ‘Download Center’ using their Lehigh email address.  Once registered, the installation files can be downloaded, and the software installed.

Cisco Unity Voice Mail Menus and Shortcuts

Main Menu and Shortcuts

While listening to the Main Menu, press: 



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