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Install the Citrix Workspace on iOS

Follow these steps to install the Citrix Workspace (LUapps) onto an Apple iOS device.  Note that interface differs on iPads and iPhone.   Steps here show the iPad interface.

Collaboration with Confluence

Confluence is a commercial, web-based bulletin board system, or wiki. It's particularly well-suited to standing committees, project teams, or research groups that need to provide a central repository for collecting and sharing information regarding ongoing projects. The system can provide a highly granular level of access control and capabilities to individual users, as well as publish information to the entire Web.

Install the Citrix Workspace on Android

If you're a user of Google's Android OS on a tablet or phone, you can install the Citrix Workspace there to access applications by following the procedure below.

Install the Citrix Receiver in Linux

Linux users will need to download the Citrix Receiver from the Citrix website . . .

Install the Citrix Receiver client in macOS

This procedure installs the Citrix Receiver client in macOS which allows users to run the programs shown in the LUapps storefront.  

To make the connection, you must be connected to the Lehigh network, either directly or via the ‘VPN’.  

Virtual Software: LUapps

Virtual software systems, also known as 'application virtualization' technologies, allow users to run numerous programs that aren’t installed on their devices by installing a single piece of client software (Citrix Receiver / Workspace), and using it to connect to a central server on which the programs actually run.  This enables Android, iOS or Mac users to easily access software that is only written for Windows, for example.  Lehigh now uses Citrix for this, and has a customized implementation called 'LUapps'.

Transitioning to Secure Static Websites

For the past several years, websites everywhere have been gradually transitioning to the use of secure (encrypted) connections by default for all web traffic. This is referred to as HTTPS-Only. This federal government document describes the HTTPS-only standard and why it is important. Most of Lehigh’s websites have already been changed to comply with the new standard.

Connect to Lehigh Network Storage from Linux

Linux-based operating systems vary widely in their implementation of network file sharing protocols.  In order to make connections from your Linux-based system to Lehigh's Windows-based file servers, it's often best to simply pull up a terminal window and enter the appropriate command.  To do this at Lehigh requires that you make sure to set a few options correctly in that command.

Install the Citrix Receiver in Windows

This document outlines installing the Citrix Receiver client on a Windows desktop computer via the web.  The Citrix Receiver client allows users to access and use software installed on virtual machines in the Lehigh Computing Center.  For more information, see the main LUapps service page.


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